Because being imperfect isn’t wrong, it’s human.

Women face so much pressure to be perfect. We are expected to be thin, beautiful, silent, and accommodating. Pictures on Instagram and articles in the media tell us how to act so that we can blend in, fit in, and fall in to the unachievable standards that have been set for us. No more of that! Every woman has a unique, meaningful story to offer the world and I’m here to help them through it and tell their stories. Whether it’s listening to my podcast, reading my blog, or growing through life coaching, my dream is to help every women feel like she can be more, even if she fails sometimes.



Find out more about the ImPerfect Me - Women movement. Get to know the woman behind it. Visit the podcast and the blog.



Are you battling against perfectionism? Struggling to find the real you and trying to find a way forward? I can help. I offer online coaching for women across the United States. Don’t go another day feeling less than you are.

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