Coaching FAQs

  1. Can I Schedule more than 1 solo Session?

    • Yep! You are welcome to schedule consecutive solo sessions. If you decide at any point that you will want more than 3 sessions, it’s worth looking at the *Mini* or *Beast Mode* packages as they are a better value.

  2. What’s the DIfference Between Coaching and Counseling/Therapy?

    • Coaching: forward focused, strengths focused, cannot diagnose or treat mental illness, no licensing board, more flexibility and involvement

    • Therapists/ Counselors: delve more into the past, seek to provide relief from suffering, mandated reporter, claim psychotherapist-patient privilege, can diagnose and treat mental illness, must be licensed

  3. Why did you decide to do Coaching rather than Therapy?

    • State regulations regarding online therapy are fairly restrictive so offering online coaching allows me more flexibility and helps me to reach women who may not have been able to meet with me in any other way. Much of the work I do as a therapist is the same work I do as a coach so when you sign up for a coaching package with me, you can rest easy that you are getting a trained, knowledgeable, effective coach.

  4. How does Coaching work?

    • We will make measurable goals for whatever areas you would like to improve in your life and we’ll focus on which obstacles are getting in the way of those goals for you. I will be involved and proactive in helping you reach those goals. These goals can either be visible things like “I want to stop yelling so much at my kids and become a more involved parent.” or less visible goals like “I want to become a better leader.” You will have my work phone number and email address and be able to text/ call any time (based on the package you chose).

  5. Can I do Coaching with my spouse?

    • I do not offer couples coaching at this time.

  6. DO you ever offer discounts/ Pro-Bono services?

    • I know that not everyone can easily afford coaching services. Because of this, I like to keep a certain number of coaching spots available for those who have financial needs. Please send me a message or give me a call and I will let you know if a discounted spot is available.

  7. Do You take Insurance?

    1. Insurance typically does not cover coaching services, however my online practice system can accept HSA and FSA cards so you are welcome to use those as payment for your sessions.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m happy to answer any questions you have.